"Topic- Seminar on Classic Case Studies of Rehabilitation of Bridges" Date- (Thursday) - 21st March, 2024 Time- 10:30 Hrs - 6:00 Hrs
Green Building

Girder Bridge

Girder Bridge is the most common and basic bridge type. In its simplest form, a log across a creek is an example of a girder bridge; the two most common girders are I-beam girders and box-girders used in steel girder bridges. Examining the cross-section of the I-Beam speaks for its so name. The vertical plate in the middle is known as the web, and the top and bottom plates are referred to as flanges. …

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Metal Roofing

Arc Bridge

Arch bridges pose a classic architecture and the oldest after the girder bridges. Unlike simple girder bridges, arches are well suited to the use of stone. Since the arch doesn't require piers in the center so arches are good choices for crossing valleys and rivers. Arches can be one of the most beautiful bridge types. Arches use a curved structure which provides a high resistance to bending forces. …

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Cable Stayed Bridge

A typical cable stayed bridge is a continuous girder with one …


Rigid Bridge

Rigid frame bridges are sometimes also known as Rahmen bridges. …


Truss Bridge

Trusses are comprised of many small beams that together can suppor …

Railway Bridge

Introduction To Railway Bridges

Railway tracks are laid after formation and bridges have been constructed. Bridges INTRODUCTION needed in Railway alignment to cross rivers, canals other water bodies, roads and gorges. First Indian Railway train ran on 14 04 1853 for which first set of Railway Bridges "tiver, constructed.

About Bridges

The first bridges were made by nature - as simple as a log fallen across a stream. The first bridges made by humans were probably spans of wooden logs or planks and eventually stones, using a simple support and crossbeam arrangement. Most of these early bridges could not support heavy weights.
Six Months Webinar Series On Steel Bridges

From founder’s desk

One of the missions of I.I.B E. is dissemination of knowledge to hundreds & thousands of bridge engineers spread throughout India.

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